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Manufacturer of Watch Straps from leather, nylon, velcro and other materials
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About Us

Perfect Leather Sales Ltd have been producing watch straps in South Wales since 1953, and have the satisfaction of supplying the United Kingdom with over 50% of its domestically produced Leather Watch Straps.

As well as manufacturing our own products, Perfect Leather Sales Ltd also import a wide range of metal watch bracelets and Resin underwater straps.
We specialise in difficult to obtain and one-off items and can offer a wide range of Military styles including the G10 Nato type in three widths, three colours per width.Also offered is a leather style, the "Vintage", which is similar in concept to the G10, but produced in leather and suitable for elderly fixed-lug case watches. We are the sole U.K. based producers of these and also of Silk and leather cordette straps with Ring, bar, joint, and Cordmaster type fittings.Almost all our straps are available open ended for fixed-lug watch cases.
We can now provide Gents and Ladies Straps for Omega Dynamic watches as well as straps to fit most Deployant type fittings.
The latest item in our range is the "Raymag" Magnetic Therapy Band available in both Velcro and Leather designs.